1. Bentota
A little over 60 km from Colombo and passing several stretches of other inviting beaches on the Western Coast to Southern Coast, Bentota remains one of the most visited holiday destinations in Sri Lanka. The picturesque road towards this coastal town will only add to the surprise that is in store. Native fishermen in palm leaf clad huts selling fish, king-coconut vendors, inviting toddy bars with the pearl white, low alcoholic percentage drink sold at a reasonable price and children with sun tanned skin playing cricket by the roads are common and homely sights here.

It is the ideal place in Sri Lanka for surfing, jet skiing and other water sports that can be exhilarating and fun.

2. Arugam Bay
When you say that you went to a beach in Sri Lanka most would ask you if it was Arugam Bay in Southern Province- a top ranked surfing spot in the world. The 3 km long beach strip is located about 320 km on East Coast from Colombo. You may be asked if you holidayed in Arugam Bay for obvious reasons as this fishing village covers every beach goers needs.

If you are lucky you’ll get to visit Arugam Bay in the right time for surfing- May to October. If you are a beginner there are surfing trainers and lessons, and you can also rent surfing boards from several places at any given time.

3. Kalpitiya
If you are a dolphin fanatic then taking a tour in Kalpitiya fishing village is the right thing for you.

Located in Puttalam in the North Western Province and almost a four hour ride form Colombo, Kalpitiya is reputed for wild dolphin watching in Sri Lanka. However you have to make sure that you visit the place during the season, which is starting in November and will last till April. Watching time begins at around 6.30 in the morning.

5. Hihikkaduwa_beachkkaduwa
Located nearly 100 km from Colombo on south coast and in the Southern Province the Hikkaduwa beach is mainly known for its resorts. The raucous feel of the waves paves way for a smooth surf. You don’t even have to bother bringing your own surf both as there are several places where you can hire them.

There are a dozen things to see and experience here such as the famous standing Buddha statue, which is 18 meters tall and constructed by the funding of the Japanese Government after the place was affected by the tsunami in 2006, and Ayurvedic spas for relaxation.

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